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How to Submit a Feature Request

If you ever feel there is a feature missing from the FlexPay platform, or even if it already exists, but you think it could be made better, you can submit a feature request and provide your feedback/suggestion/idea to our Product team. We know and understand the value of listening to our customers, and want to always offer the best possible user experience.

Request Format 

A request for suggestions/improvements/new features must have the following elements clearly defined. 

  • Feature or Improvement requested. 
  • Description of a new feature, please state what purpose this feature will be serving. 
  • What's the current process to accomplish the same task? 
  • How will this help enhance your FlexPay user experience? 
  • Add any additional comments/descriptions you have. 

Submit your request

There are two ways to submit feature requests.

1. Email

  • Send an email to with the feature request format as detailed above. This will generate a Support ticket.

2. Support Portal

Graphical user interface, text, application

Description automatically generated

  • Once you’re able to log in, click on Submit a ticket

  • Fill out the form.
    1. Subject: Short one-line summary of the request
    2. Type:  Feature Request
    3. Feature Requests: Select New Feature
    4. Description: Enter the information as described in the Request Format section
  • Click Submit.

Both methods of submitting the request will achieve the same outcome. The Support Team will review the information to ensure nothing is missing and create an entry in the Product backlog for review. If we need more details, we will follow up shortly after you create the request with a few questions.

If you want to find all your submitted requests (including your Technical Support tickets), you can log in to the portal and click on My tickets as seen in the screenshot above. Make sure you select All Tickets to see both Open and Closed requests.

Graphical user interface, text, application

Description automatically generated

Note: The Flexpay team considers all the suggestions and improvements but does not guarantee the timeframe for development and implementation of the feature.

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