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Platform Configurations

The Platform Configurations section allows you to change certain attributes of FlexPay's behavior to match the configuration of your CRM or billing engine.

There are 3 major aspects to configure:

Recovery Engine

You have the ability to configure aspects around maximum retries and minimum amounts for Initial Sales and Rebills.

Note: You can hover your cursor over the question mark (?) next to each parameter to get a quick description.

Click on EDIT RECOVERY CONFIG to open the Edit window. Make sure you hit SAVE CONFIG in order for your changes to take effect, or CANCEL if you don't want to save.

Account Currencies

Any currency configured in the "Allowed currencies" field will appear in this table. You can click on "Manage Currencies" and edit a currency to hide it in your reports. Any changes made here will not affect your ability to process payments in that currency.

Note: Adding a currency in this section will not make it available in your gateways. If you need to add a new currency for processing, you will need to add it to the payment gateway.

Gateway Routing Stickiness

Gateway routing exists to allow FlexPay to place a transaction on the best possible gateway to get the transaction approved. This is an optional feature (disabled by default), and should only be used when a merchant's transaction can be moved between their different processing options. A conversation should be had with the merchant before enabling this feature.

There are three options for routing config:

  • No routing: The transactions will be processed by the gateway indicated in the request.
  • Routing Enabled: FlexPay will use the gateway it determines has the highest chance of approval for each transaction.
  • Original Gateway Routing: FlexPay will use the gateway it determines has the highest chance of approval and will continue to use that gateway for the entire salvage process.

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