Adding a user to your account can be done directly on the FlexPay platform.

Step 1.       First log into your FlexPay account  


Step 2.        Click on 'Account Settings' to the left of the screen.

Step 3.        Select 'Users' under Account Settings option.

Step 4.        Next, click on 'Manage Users' to add the new user.

Step 5.        Select the 'Create new'. 

Step 6.    Fill out all required fields - these will be indicated by an asterix.  A temporary password creation will also be required. The password parameters are, minimum 8 characters, one capital letter, one digit and one symbol.


And lastly, enable the Access Level. Here you will be able to grant access level, depending on whether the user will have basic access - view data only or higher access to manage data. The different options for access level are:

Allow FlexPay Administrator to manage the transaction process: allows the administrator to create other users, manage user accounts, and create transactions in FlexPay.

Allow FlexPay Accounting manager to view transaction details: allows the accounting manager to view data tables in FlexPay.