Once an Account has been created and all its properties (companies, gateways and API keys) set-up, the very last thing needed is to run test transactions to validate the account performs as it is supposed to. We advise you to run transactions to test, for successful charges, authorizations, and declines receiving next retry attempt date, 

Follow these steps to perform transactions.

    1.     Log into your FlexPay account from https://client.flexpay.io.


    2.    From the far top right of the Main page, click on the All companies, a list of all your associated companies will be visible. Select the company you wish to create a transaction for (example, Testing Compnay in the below screen shot). You can also use the search bar to locate a company.

    3.    Once you have selected a company, the “Create Payment” button will be highlighted in bright green.

If the button is not highlighted (green) as shown above, a company was not selected. A company must be selected as shown above. The below image shows the “Create Payment” button will be grayed out if a company is not selected.

    4.    Click the “Create Payment” button, which will take you to “Create a Payment” page. The payment and transaction details on that page are required fields in order to perform a test transaction. Fill out the Payment Details, Transaction Details, and Billing Address fields. All fields with an asterix must be filled in. For full descriptions of all fields, refer to FlexPay Glossary

Transactions should be tested in "Live Mode" once setup is complete to ensure all systems are connecting correctly. See Sandbox and Live Environment Mode.