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This guide is required for enabling FlexPay's failed payment recovery to operate with so we can send declined transactions to the FlexPay platform. FlexPay will then be able to process these transactions and run failed payment recovery to then return those transactions to for recovery.

Before We Get Started

This guide requires you to have your FlexPay account already setup including your companies and payment gateways added. If you have not done this, please view Quickstart Guide, contact your Client Success Manager at FlexPay or send an email to 

The FlexPay team will set up your FlexPay MIDs on your account to link it to FlexPay.

Generating API Keys on FlexPay

1. First acquire your unique API key(s) from the FlexPay client portal. Please refer to Generating Your API Keys

2. Navigate to Admin > Account settings > Integrations to generate or use existing API Keys.

Channel Name: Is defined by the client, this is used for your reconciliation purposes.

Company: Select the specific company that you added MIDs to in the previous setup stage.

3. Repeat this for each company you have. Make a note of each of these keys as they are encrypted for security reasons.

Adding the FlexPay Portal MID

1. Go to and login. In your account go to “Admin” and then “myProviders”.

2. Click on the triangle beside the “Actions” button. This will bring a drop-down list and click on “Add Provider Profile”. Select “Payment” in the Type, and “FlexPay” from the Provider menu. 

3. Fill out the fields to add FlexPay as a gateway as follows

Alias: The name you will use to associate the FlexPay MID in your reporting. It must showcase as follows, FlexPay_NameofMID_ReferenceID.

Under “Credentials”

API Key: Fill in the API key we generated in Step 1.

Currency: Set this to match the currency supported by the local MIDs.

Test Mode: Set this to “NO”

Under “Merchant Account Details”

Descriptor: This is the descriptor associated with the Merchant Account

Merchant ID (if applicable): Your internal reference ID for this Merchant Account. 

MID Group: If this MID is part of a group, this will be the reference value.

Customer Service Number: Enter a phone number valid for this.

Processor: Select the processor name from the drop down.

Vertical: Select your business vertical.

Under “Limits & Fees”

Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express: Set the processing fees associated with each card type here.

Global Monthly Cap: Set this as high as you want. Make it far exceed your monthly cap as there is no reason we need this to prevent sending transactions to FlexPay from

Monthly, Batch, Transaction, Chargeback Fee and Reserve Percent fields: “0.00”

All other fields can be left blank as a default.

Hit the Green “Save” button when you are finished.

4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for each Company and accompanying API Key you have setup in FlexPay.

Configuring Decline Manager Profile for FlexPay

1. At the top left click on “Payment” and from the drop-down list left click on “Decline Manager”

2. Create a Decline Manager Profile for the FlexPay MIDs you have created.

Name: This is the FlexPay MID created in  This will be used to differentiate the accounts on your end.

Attempts before hold: Set this to 7, FlexPay will not necessarily use all 7 attempts, but we want to ensure that no attempts are disrupted.

Gateway: Select the FlexPay MID created earlier.

Preserve Billing: Ensure the preserve billing box is unchecked.

Schedule: Select “Daily”, and leave the time as default.  FlexPay will overwrite this data as part of our decline salvage process.

Discount: Leave this unchecked unless you are already using a step-down pricing strategy.  If you are using a step-down strategy, please discuss with your FlexPay onboarding  contact.

Rules: Either select the “Campaign” rule or the “Gateway” rule and choose the specific campaign(s)/Gateway(s) that FlexPay will be applied towards.

Note: If you are choosing the “Gateway” rule, it is important to ensure that you tie the FlexPay MID and the original MID together. They will both be included in the list.

We have completed setting up FlexPay to run failed payment recovery on your account. 

If ANY of these steps are unclear, please, let your FlexPay contact know, and we will happily assist you.

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