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From the Integrations section, you can create API keys for both Production and Sandbox modes. The keys will allow you to authenticate with FlexPay when sending requests to any of our APIs. If a Key is missing or incorrect, FlexPay will return a 401 - authentication error. 

Once an API key has been created, you can come back to this section and see the company it belongs to, as well as the environment mode. You will not be able to see the key again though. You must save it in a safe place after it's generated. 

You can also use the Integration section to delete any existing Key.

Generating a new key

From the Client Portal, navigate to Account Settings > Integrations, and click the "GENERATE API KEY" button.

Provide a name, a company, and select the environment mode. Click GENERATE

Note: If using the Gateway Management API, a Sandbox key will only be able to create gateways in that Mode. Any transactions sent to a sandbox gateway will never reach a production endpoint. Please see the API documentation for more details.

A unique API key will be generated. As mentioned before, once you click close, you will not be able to retrieve it from the portal again. 

FlexPay Retries

If your account has been configured to leverage FlexPay's scheduler (see Enterprise with Scheduler Integration), the "FlexPay Retries" tab will also be available in the Integrations section.

Please note that FlexPay retries can only be enabled once per Company/Environment combination. This means that if you only have the Default Company set up in your account, you'll be able to add auto-retries twice, one for Production and one for Sandbox.

To configure it, simply click ADD AUTO-RETRIES. In the modal window, enter a name, select a company, environment, and status. Click ADD AUTO-RETRY

Note: As soon as Auto-Retry is enabled for a company, any transaction sent will be automatically scheduled and retried by FlexPay. Do not enable it if your CRM is also scheduling and processing retries. 

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