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FlexPay Glossary

Account: Account is the name displayed under your FlexPay username in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

Approved: Defines a transaction which was successfully accepted by the card issuing bank and returned the requested dollar amount to your merchant bank account.

Approved Refunds: Indicates the number of refunds that were successfully transacted through FlexPay.

Approved Sales: Indicates the number of transactions sent to FlexPay which were converted into successful sales.

Assign Gateway: The payment gateway identified by FlexPay for the next transaction attempt.

Average LTV: Indicates the average lifetime dollar value of the clients.

Average Spent: Indicates the dollar value spent by each client. 

AVS: Indicates the address verification result message received from the card issuing bank.

Batches: This refers to the file .txt sent to FlexPay from your sales tool which regroups the list of transactions that FlexPay processes. FlexPay also creates batch files which it returns to your sales tool with information about the transaction, once it has been processed.

Batch ID: This is a number generated within FlexPay to identify the numerical order of the batch file.

Billing Plan: The billing schedule for purchases made through continuity billing. 

Billing Cycle: The number of billing events that have occurred for a client on a continuity billing plan.

Category Name: Defines the category code or name associated with the sold item.

Company: This term is used throughout FlexPay to refer to the item, product, brand etc. that the transaction is relevant to i.e. what was purchased.

Currency: The currency in which the transaction is processed. e.g., US Dollars or Canadian Dollars.

Customers: This term is used to designate the individual client for whom a transaction was generated. 

Customer ID: This field is found on the Customers Details page, it is a number generated by your sales tool to identify an individual client account.

CVV: Indicates the CVV response message received from the card issuing bank.

Declined: This indicates the transactions that were not converted into a successful sale.

Eligible Declines: Eligible declines are all declines minus the missing transactions.

Failed Payment Recovery: The process defined within FlexPay which reprocesses declined transactions and obtains a successful conversion to a sale by using the FlexPay algorithm.

Filename: The name used to identify each batch folder sent to FlexPay.

First Transaction Attempt: The original date of the transaction.

FTP: This stands for File Transfer Protocol. This is the method used to transfer transactions between your sales tool and FlexPay. See the integration guide available in the support platform for more information on this process.

Gateways:  This is the term used to refer to your merchant banks that are configured in FlexPay.

Gateway Code: Code to identify on which gateway the transaction has already been attempted.

Gateway transaction ID: This is the transaction ID generated by your Merchant Bank.

Issuing Bank: The bank from which the credit card is issued.

Issuing Country: The country from which the credit card is issued.

Key Indicators: The bar at the top of each FlexPay page which summarizes date specific data. 

Last Order Value: The dollar value of the last order placed by a customer.

Last Purchase: The date and time of the last transaction made by a customer.

LTV: The total dollar value of all purchases made by a client within a specified date range.

Merchant Bank: Merchant banks are the virtual banks which handle your transactions generated through a payment terminal, online or phone sales which use a credit card. 

Merchant Transaction reference ID: This field is your unique ID number associated with each transaction request. This value is generated within your sales tool.

New Sales: All new transactions loaded with a specific batch file.

New Sales Declined: The number of new sales from a batch file that have declined.

Orders: The number of orders placed by a client for a specific date range.

Order ID: Merchant-assigned order identification number. This number is generated within your sales tool to identify each individual order. 

Origin Week: The week during which a batch file transaction was first created.

Payment Gateway: The Merchant Bank through which a transaction is processed.

Period Recovered: The number of transactions recovered during a defined period. 

Product SKU: The unique identifying code used for a product sold.

Received Date: The date on which a batch file was loaded into FlexPay.

Recovered: A declined transaction which was subsequently retried and processed successfully into a sale.

Reference Data: The field used by FlexPay to identify a transaction returning from the sales tool.

Response Code: The code sent by an issuing bank to explain the outcome of a transaction request.

Reports tab: Shows transactions report, Sales reports, and Customer recovery reports. 

Reports > Transactions > Overview: This report allows you to view transactions processed by a gateway.

Reports > Transactions > Batches: The batch report logs all the batch files sent to FlexPay from your CRM. 

Reports > Sales > Initial Billing: The initial billing page gives you an overview of all new transactions sent to FlexPay by date-range. 

Reports > Sales > Net Sales: This report can be filtered by date and gateway type to generate a reconciliation report for comparison against your merchant account statement. 

Report > Customer Recovery > Performance: This report allows you to view the real-time recovery process for each week. 

Report > Customer Recovery > Weekly Recovery: This can be used to reconcile your FlexPay invoice and was previously named the Decline Salvage report. 

Report > Customer Recovery > Eligible Details: The eligible details report gives you an audit of all transactions per billing week. 

Retry Count: The number indicating how many times a transaction has been retried.

Sandbox: The test environment for FlexPay.

Status: The current state of a transaction or batch file process.

Token: The identifier of the payment methods encrypted data. 

Total Recovered: The total amount recovered from a batch within and past the week of origin. 

Transactions: A request for an action from FlexPay to a Merchant Bank.

Transaction ID: The identifying code assigned to a transaction within FlexPay.

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