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Navigating FlexPay

From the landing page on the FlexPay platform, there are many features accessible to monitor your account and the transactions that pass through it.

Landing/Main Page - this is the first page you will encounter as you log into FlexPay. To obtain credentials, refer to Logging into FlexPay

On the left menu, you have access to: 

  • Performance reports on Recovery and Transactions
  • Payments lookup by Transactions or Customers
  • Admin section to manage Payment gateways and Account settings.  

This menu can be collapsed by clicking on the sandwich menu icon on the top left of the dark grey header. 

On the right of the top header, you have access to: Account environment (to test transactions in either Live/SandBox mode), Company name, and Account name (Test Account). 

On the second header directly below, is the calendar date range where you can select the period to be reported. The calendar is set to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), UTC +0. 

Each of these features will help you navigate and understand your FlexPay account.



This section provides an overview of the received declines, forecasted recovery and forecasted recovery rate for the period selected in the calendar date range. The table below provides additional details about the decline recovery. 


This section provides an overview of the received transactions grouped by week and broken out by transaction type. Transaction types include Authorize, Capture, Charge, Refund and Void.  The table below provides details about the approval rate for each transaction type. 



This section allows you to view all transactions passed through FlexPay. The transactions are listed in ascending chronological order. Every detail associated with each transaction is visible: FlexPay transaction ID, date and time of transaction, type of transaction, transaction status, transaction response code, value (amount & currency of transaction), retry count and payment method (card type).


This section provides a list of every customer associated with the account via their transactions through FlexPay. Each customer is associated with an unique ID identifier which makes it easier to locate a particular customer transaction. It also lists their email address, last purchase date, total number of orders placed, payment method, order value and the last transaction value.


Payment Gateways   

This section provides a list of all available gateways associated with FlexPay and shows a list of the client's gateways. From here you can add or remove a gateway from your account accordingly.

Account Settings

This section allows you to add and manage users and companies. You can generate API keys for integrations with FlexPay's API and get additional information about your FlexPay platform configurations.

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