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Adding Payment Gateways to your FlexPay Account

Another important part in setting up your FlexPay account is adding your payment gateways. Like the previous aspect, adding companies is also fairly simple.

Adding Your Payment Gateway

1. On the top header next to your account name, click on the down arrow in the "All companies" menu to display and select the company you wish to add the gateway to. Click on your company/product (it will be the one highlighted light grey).

2. On the left navigation menu, under Admin, select Payment gateways. 

3. On the Payment gateways page, click the “ADD GATEWAY” button.  A drop-down menu with the list of available gateways will open up.  Select the gateway you wish to create. 

4. Now fill in the following form on the “Add a payment gateway” popup. You will need your Gateway Standard Gateway Login information to complete this.


Complete the following fields:

Name: Name of the company being setup

Bank type: Select the appropriate bank type from the drop-down menu.

Bank currency: Normally this currency is dependent on where the company is located (e.g. USD for United States etc.).

Category code: This is the merchant category code assigned to your merchant account. 

Processing status: We want to set this as “Enabled” when setting it up. We can set this to “Refund Only” to stop all transaction processing on this gateway.

Merchant account reference id: This field is for reporting purposes. Depending on the external CRM this will show which MID a transaction was sent in addition to stating it was handled by FlexPay.

CVV required: Check this box if the cvv is required by the payment gateway.


As you scroll down in the popup, you will see the following section: 

You may need to log into your merchant account to obtain the "Company Id", "Password", "Company hash" information.


Continue scrolling to the payment methods section and fill it out. 

There will be options for Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Amex, Dinners Club, and JCB. Be sure to add the credit, debit or prepaid and gift card options by checking each that you want enabled. Click outside the drop-down menu when you have selected all applicable options for the payment method, and continue doing so until all applicable selections are made for each payment method you want on this gateway. 


Allowed currencies: Ensure that the same currency is checked off as the “Bank currency” which is in the “PAYMENT GATEWAY DETAILS” section, as well as any other allowed currency.

Initial Distribution: This is the distribution ratio that your transactions will be sent by. Set this to “1” to enable routing to this gateway. You can go higher if you want it to favor this payment gateway.

Allows retries: We can leave this enabled with it toggled to green. This will allow transactions to be retried by our system when they are entered into our decline salvage.


For the processing fees, enter the rates charged by your merchant account so that this information can be tracked by FlexPay. 

Once all the required fields are completed, the faded out green “ADD GATEWAY” button at the bottom of the screen will become highlighted. If this is still Greyed out, please check that all fields followed by an asterisk “*” are completed, as they are required.

Click on the green “ADD GATEWAY” button. This will take you back to the “Payment Gateways” where your new gateway should be displayed in the tabled list. You can edit any gateway by clicking on the kebab menu to the right. Repeat steps 1-4 until you have added all your Payment Gateways.

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