Another aspect of SALVAGE PERFORMANCE are the RECONCILIATION reports. FlexPay portal allows you to reconcile the number of transactions that were successfully recovered by two methods: received period and transaction date. Depending on what you are looking to reconcile, you would select a date range and choose one or both options. You will be able to download the report by clicking on the Export button to the far right of the page. 

Transaction Date - you are able to reconcile the number transactions by the date the transaction was processed through FlexPay.

The Received declines are your total declines submitted to FlexPay for the selected time period. Recovered are the amounts recovered by FlexPay by the transaction dates from the total declines. Refunds on recovery are the refunds applied from the recovered amounts by the transaction date.

Furthermore the data can be further drilled down to showcase daily numbers within a particular week by selecting a weekly period. 

Received Period - ability to reconcile your transactions by the date FlexPay received your declines.