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Quick Start Recovery Process

In this method of integration, you can start recovering your declined transactions by connecting to FlexPay’s servers via SFTP and uploading flat files containing the relevant transaction data to a designated folder. FlexPay will read the files and start the recovery process for every included transaction. The FlexPay recovery engine will analyze the data and derive the next best retry date. We'll communicate directly with the payment gateway for each reattempt and output a file every day with the results. Let's go over this integration step-by-step.

* These can be declines that have already been retried and abandoned by the merchant, or they can be fresh (i.e. new) declines.

** Transaction results will be exported regardless of status.

  1. A merchant selects a cohort of failed payments to be treated by FlexPay.  This can be a set period of failed payments from the past (for example the past 30 days), or newly failed transactions for a given day (ie, the failed payments from today's processing).
  2. The merchant generates a file with the failed transactions and uploads it to FlexPay's SFTP.
  3. FlexPay reviews each transaction in the file and performs any data cleanup if it determines it will increase the likelihood of success. The transaction is sent directly from FlexPay to the Gateway.
  4. FlexPay receives the response from the Gateway.
  5. If the transaction was not approved and the AI machine-learning engine determines the transaction is recoverable, it schedules the transaction to be retried on a future date.
  6. When the scheduled date arrives, FlexPay will send the transaction to the gateway for processing.
  7. The process continues until there is a successful recovery, a hard decline, or FlexPay no longer considers the transaction recoverable.
  8. FlexPay provides an output file every day at 15:00 UTC and 22:00 UTC with the Payment Results of the transactions processed that day. Alternatively, you can generate a Payment export from FlexPay's Client Portal.

For details and steps on how to perform the integration, please refer to FlexPay Quick Start Recovery Integration Guide

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