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Payment Analysis Report

The In Recovery report shows you how many declined transactions are currently in the recovery process for a selected date period. You can see the following values:

  • Scheduled: Payment attempts with transactions that are scheduled for future dates.
  • Recovered: The dollar value recovered by FlexPay from declines received during the received period.
  • Unrecoverable: Payment attempts that FlexPay has deemed unrecoverable due to error codes received.
  • Miss schedule: Payment attempts that had transactions that did not respect FlexPay scheduled retry attempt.

In the example below, $15,595.29 represents how much has already been recovered for the period of Jan 1 to Jan 31. And $10,261.14 is how much is scheduled for future retries.

The bottom section of the report offers you a weekly breakdown. You can choose between "Decline value" to see the actual dollar amount,  or "Decline Count" to see it in terms of transaction numbers.

Declined value

Decline count

The data can be further drilled down by clicking on a specific Transaction Period to see amounts per day.

Note: You can export any of the reports or their respective transactions at any point from the Export option located below the date range menu. Please visit Manage Exports for more details.

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