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The Customer section of the FlexPay platform provides a list of customers associated with the account via their transactions through FlexPay. 

Find a specific customer

1. Select the Customers option in the navigation menu on the left.

2. Select the date range(s) to locate the customer. Click the calendar on the top right of the page to choose your dates.

When reviewing the customers page, there are four key indicators (summary of the loaded content): 

  1. Customers - number of customers loaded on the page
  2. Returning Customers - the percentage number of customers that are reoccurring per customers loaded on the page
  3. Average Spent - the average number of dollars spent for the amount of customers loaded on the page
  4. Average LTV - the average lifetime value of the customers visible on the loaded page

3. Use a search option to find customer: email address or OrderID

The bottom section of the Customer report shows the details of the customer and their transaction. 

  1. ID - the order ID generated by the CRM during transaction
  2. Email - email address of the customer which was provided in the payment details
  3. LTV - the customers' total $ value of all purchases made 
  4. Last Purchase - the date and time of the customers' last transaction
  5. Orders - the number of orders for the customer that were processed
  6. Value - the amount of the last order processed
  7. Payment Method - the card type used for the transaction

Customer details

Clicking on the green orderID identifier link allows you to view the Customer Details page which provides full information into the customer and the transaction in question, and subsequently other related transactions.

The lower portion of the Customer Details page shows the Vaulted Payment Method.  If you are passing transactions via tokenized payment method, the details of the payment method is stored in a vault and the token is used to call the details of the payment method from the vault. The details of the payment method stored in the vault are:

  1. The card type
  2. The BIN numbers (first six numbers of the card) 
  3. Expiration date of the card 
  4. Storage of the card in a vaulted system
  5. Customer name
  6. Customer billing address
  7. Customer email
  8. Customer phone number

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