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The Transactions Page allows viewing for every transaction processed through FlexPay. It also allows you to manually create transactions, usually done during testing stages. See Testing Transactions.

You can also select specific date ranges to view transactions. From the top right of the page is the calendar. Click on the grey drop down arrow to choose your dates.


When reviewing the transactions page, there are four key indicators (summary of the loaded content):

1.    Number of transactions processed

2.    Number of approved transactions (with dollar value)

3.    Number of approved refunds (with dollar value)

4.    Number of declined transactions (with percentage value) 

Each page loads in increments of ten (as seen in the picture) because the data is pulled live in real time from the database and overloading would be detrimental to the platform. To load more data, click on the blue "More Items" at the bottom of the page, and another 10 items will load.

As you load more transactions, the number of transactions will change accordingly. However, depending on the status (declined/charged) of those transactions the other key indicators may change as well (as seen in picture below). 

The number of transactions increased to 20. Approved sales remained at 2. Approved refunds remained at 0. And Declined increased to 18. This indicates the additional 10 loaded transactions were all declines.

The second part of the page provides information as the transaction is drilled down by filter range.

1.    ID - This is the transaction ID generated by FlexPay

2.    Date and Time - Date and time stamp of when the transaction was processed

3.    Status - The status of the transaction (charged or declined)

4.    Card Holder - The authorized name on the credit card provided

5.    Email - Email address of the cardholder

6.    Merchant Transaction ID - The transaction reference ID generated by the CRM

7.    Response Code - The response code returned by the issuing bank

8.    Value - The dollar value of the transaction

9.    Payment Method - The type of card used for the transaction

 The blue transaction ID link redirects to the Transaction Details page. 

Here you can view full details of the transaction. Points of reference depicted in the picture are:

    -    Transaction ID - a unique generated code that identifies the transaction

    -    Value - the dollar amount of the transaction

    -    Status - the outcome of the transaction

    -    Response code - four digit code returned from the issuing bank indicating the status of the transaction request

    -    Next attempt date - the date FlexPay will retry the transaction for an approval

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