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Adding Companies to Your FlexPay Account

Once your account is setup, you can proceed to add your companies associated with the account.

Adding companies 

1. Log into your account and in the left navigation menu under Admin > Account settings, select "Companies".

2. On the Companies page, you can add as many companies, brands, campaigns or product names by clicking the "add company" button. 

3. To add a company, choose the name of the company followed by a company code which will be an identifier that appears on your FlexPay accounts. The company code can only contain alphanumeric characters (letters and numbers) and not special characters (/, *, #, @, etc.). Once the required information has been entered, then click "Add company" to create the company.

For any company created, you can edit or delete it by clicking on the kebab menu to the right of it and selecting the appropriate action. 

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