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Generating Your API Keys

The final step in setting up your FlexPay account after previously adding your Companies and Gateways, is generating your API keys to connect your CRM to the FlexPay platform.

Generating API Keys

1. Log into your FlexPay account 

2. Select the company you will be generating the API key for. There will be a drop-down menu under "All companies" in the top right header. Click to select the company/product. In the left navigation menu, go to Admin > Account settings, select "Integrations".

3. At the top of the Integrations page, click on "Generate API key". 

4. You will be re-directed to the "Generate API Key" page. Fill out the details, Channel name is the name of the company for which you are generating the API key. In the drop down menu for Company, select the company name which should match the channel name. If you are generating an API key for sandbox testing, select the Sandbox option. If you are generating one for a live environment, select the Production option.

5. Click on the Generate button at the bottom of the popup to create the key. 

A unique API key will be generated for the account and company you are adding in FlexPay. Be sure to copy and save your API keys securely as you can only generate this once!

You have completed setting up your FlexPay account by adding your Companies, Payment Gateways and generating your API keys.

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