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FlexPay Enterprise with Scheduler Process

In this recovery method, retry attempts are sent through Flexpay to your native gateway. In a similar fashion as with standard Enterprise, we analyze both request and response in real-time and send an enhanced request. If the transaction declines again, the system will schedule a new Retry Date & Time in our system. We will continue to schedule and retry following every recommendation from our ML models until the payment is either approved, hard declined, or the AI considers it unrecoverable.  Let's go over this integration step-by-step.

  1. A merchant attempts to rebill a customer, but the transaction is declined by the gateway.
  2. The merchant sends details about the declined transaction to FlexPay, along with the decline code and decline message from the Gateway.
  3. FlexPay reviews the transaction details and performs any data cleanup if it determines it will increase the likelihood of success. The transaction is sent directly from FlexPay to the Gateway.
  4. FlexPay receives the response from the Gateway.
  5. If the transaction was not approved and the AI machine-learning engine determines the transaction is recoverable, it schedules the transaction to be retried on a future date.
  6. When the scheduled date arrives, FlexPay will send the transaction to the gateway for processing.
  7. The process continues until there is a successful recovery, a hard decline, or FlexPay no longer considers the transaction recoverable.
  8. The merchant will query FlexPay daily to obtain and up-to-date status of their transactions.

Follow this link to access the API reference page.

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