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Konnektive CRM Configuration Guide


This guide is required for enabling FlexPay's recovery engine to operate with Konnektive CRM. It will send only declined transactions to FlexPay. This guide will use the text ‘Failed Payment Recovery and ‘Recycle Billing’ interchangeably as Konnektive uses the term Recycle Billing on its portal.

Before We Get Started

This guide requires you to have your FlexPay account already setup including your companies and payment gateways added. If you have not done this, please, view Quickstart Guide on our support page, contact your Client Success Manager, or send an email to 

Generating API Keys on FlexPay

1. First, acquire your unique API keys from the FlexPay website by logging into your account. Navigate to Admin > Account settings > Integrations to generate or use existing API Keys. Repeat this for each company you have. Make a note of each of these keys as they are encrypted so they cannot be accessed later.

Adding FlexPay using the Plugin in Konnektive

Follow Konnektive's documentation here:

Adding the FlexPay Merchant ID

2. Go to the Konnektive website and sign in. Expand the “Merchants” tab drop down menu on the left side and then click on the “MID List”.

3. To the far right of the Merchants list click the Green “+” Button on the right side of the screen to add a MID.

4. Select and enter a MID Title. In this case we can call it “FlexPay MID”. Now select FlexPay from the “Gateway” dropdown. Enter your FlexPay API Key underneath this in the Konnektive field “apikey”.

5. Under Customer Service, set the options for this MID. These options are primarily used for Confirmation Emails:

Phone #: The customer service phone number that customers should call related to this mid

6. Under Additional Options and Accepted Payment:

Enabled: Whether or not to allow any sales on the MID. When this box is deselected, no sales are allowed to process against the MID

Block Pre-Paid: Whether or not to allow prepaid cards to process against the MID. If checked, prepaid cards will be blocked

Block Debit Cards: Whether or not to allow debit cards to process against the mid. If checked, debit cards will be blocked

eCheck: check this if your gateway allows eCheck transactions

MasterCard: check this if your gateway allows Master Cards

Visa: check this if your gateway allows Visa Cards

Amex: Check this if your gateway allows American Express Cards

Discover: Check this if your gateway allows Discover

7. Fill in any other needed fields. When you are finished with your setup, click the Green “Create Mid” button.

Manually Adding the Payment Gateway in FlexPay

In some cases, you may need to add a payment gateway manually in FlexPay. Start by adding the mid in Konnektive.

Once you have the mid created, follow the instructions on this page:

NOTE: Make sure to use the Gateway ID of the FlexPay version of the mid in FlexPay's Merchant Account Reference Id field

Editing Konnektive Recycle Billing

You will need a list of your FlexPay supported MIDs (Merchant accounts) before starting. This does not include the FlexPay Portal MID we created. This only includes the MIDs that have transactions you want handled by FlexPay.

8. Expand the “Merchants” tab drop down menu on the left side and then click on the “Recycle Billing”.

9. Click the Green “+” Button on the right side of the screen to add a Decline Salvage Profile.

10. Ensure the “Bill on Fridays” option is DESELECTED. FlexPay cannot function properly with this enabled on Konnektive. 

11. Under the “Apply to Merchants” setting while holding the “Ctrl” key click on all the FlexPay supported MIDs in your list. The failed payment recovery will only apply to these accounts. 

12. Under “Basic Salvage Rules” check off the “Skip” option on “Re-Attempts 1 – 3” numbered 1-3. Under “Extended Salvage Rules” continue checking off Attempts numbered 5-9. It is important to leave Attempt number 4 UNCHECKED to allow FlexPay’s recovery engine machine learning to take over after it is sent there.

13. Under “Extended Salvage Rules” for “Re-Attempts 4 – 6” select the “Merchant” option and change it to the FlexPay MID we created.

14. For Attempt 4 set the “Price Reduction” to “0” and the Wait Period as “1” Days. Leave attempt 4 as the only attempt  unchecked “Skip”.

15. Scroll down the page and click on the Green “Create Profile” button.

16. Be sure to check your other Decline Salvage Profiles. Do not have any of the MIDs supported by FlexPay in your other lists. This is likely to prevent FlexPay’s recovery engine from functioning properly. It is important to have no overlap in these Decline Salvage Profiles.

We have completed setting up FlexPay to run failed payment recovery on your Konnektive CRM account.

If ANY of these steps are unclear, please, email us for assistance at:

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