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How to export Reports or Transactions from the Client Portal

FlexPay offers you the flexibility of taking any report from the Client Portal with you. This will help you if you are looking into specific details of your declined transactions or need to reconcile any data with your CRM.

You can find the export button on the top right side of the header. There are three different exports you can perform from the portal. 

  • Report: Exports the overall report for your selected period to a .xlsx file.
  • Transactions: Exports every transaction for your selected period to a .csv file.
  • Payments:  Export every payment for your selected period to a .csv file. It will provide you with all relevant information for the latest transaction of any given payment.

If FlexPay has retried 5 times to recover a failed payment, the Transactions export will include all 5 entries in the export. The Payments export on the other hand, will only include 1 entry with information for the latest and potentially final attempt.

Not every report in the portal will present the option to export Transactions and Payments. Depending on the specifics of each report, you may be able to export one or the other.

 A popup will appear to notify you of the pending report download. 

The type of report and the date range will be included as part of the file name.

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