The second reporting feature allowing visibility to the overall performance of your account as previously mentioned in the article Decline Salvage Performance Report is GATEWAYS. Under Gateways you are able to track and reconcile your declines either by the transactions or by the sales. In this article we will look at the transaction aspect.

With the Gateway reporting, you can view reports by Transactions which is further drilled down into two sub menus: Overview and Batches.

Overview - allows you to view your declines sent to FlexPay by initial billing (charges/captures), gateway distribution. At the top of the page, you can filter by year, quarter, month and gateway type. The key indicators bar is a summary total of all transactions broken down by charges/captures, refunds and others (for example void) for the selected date period. 

The Initial billing graph reflects how many of your declines sent to FlexPay are initial transactions (transaction that have not as yet been processed) and how many are retries. By hovering your cursor over each bar, the precise value will appear.


The initial billing routing distribution graph shows in percentage how much traffic is routing through different gateways.

Sales Detailed shows you in numbers the same thing as the routing distribution graph.

BatchesThe batch report reflects the details of batch files sent to FlexPay from your CRM. Batch files are typically used by clients using Orange CRM which supports batch files or clients that process through batch file functionality.  

The batch ID is numerically ordered i.e the first batch loaded will be identified as "1" and so on and so forth. The main file can be broken down into slices to enable FlexPay to process the contents efficiently. By clicking on the + symbol you can view the sub file. The sub-files are divided by decimals. e.g. 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 etc.  Batches are listed in chronological order. The square box with the diagonal arrow icon allows you to view full details of each transaction within the batch. The report is also exportable by Excel.