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Decline Salvage Performance Report

FlexPay reporting allows visibility to see the overall performance of your account. There are two sections of reporting that can be used to do this: Salvage Performance and Gateways.

Both of these options can further be drilled down to access specific reports detailing specific data.


Overview - details the performance of the account and the recovery details. It looks at the declines FlexPay receives from the client, the estimate of how much will be recovered by FlexPay based on past performance and what has been recovered to date and the estimated recovery rate once FlexPay has finished the recovery process.

The report shows data on a weekly basis, which is exportable. To choose a weekly range, select the calendar option at the top right, beneath your account username. 

Recovery Details - emphasize all details related to a recovery period: Date declines were received, Amount of declines received, Actual amount recovered, Forecasted amount, Recovery rate and the Forecasted rate.

This data can be further drilled down by clicking on a specific Received Period date range showing more specifics. Example Jan 13 - Jan 14 date range.

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